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LAST Sim Life

Sim stories from Lab Arc Designs

L's Sims
13 June
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This is where all our Sim pictures and stories go.

We also occasionally make some things - to see what we have available, check out the LAST page.

Our regular journal-journals are over here: charisma and wizardofaus.

Sim pictures are from various families we play, some of which have stories, some don't.


The Simkees are a band of brothers trying to make it in this crazy Sim world. Read about their (mis)adventures in Strangetown as they try to keep their band together and become successful. Also starting Cactus!
Simkees Website:http://www.labarc.com/Simkees/
Main Storyteller: charisma

The Truman Sim
What if your life was only a simulated reality, and somewhere out there the Creator was watching YOU...? New from William Christof and STV Studios (who brought you such hits as The Young and the Simful )- it's a brand new reality show! Watch Truman Simone as he grows from baby to elder, all under the watchful eyes of the viewing public.
Truman Sim website: http://www.labarc.com/Truman/
Main storyteller: wizardofaus

The Alien Legacy is an unusual legacy story. This is the story of Alex Altair, and his quest for interstellar knowledge. Yes, Alex.. the truth is out there. And the truth is kinda painful.
Alien Legacy website: http://www.labarc.com/AlienLegacy/
Main storyteller: wizardofaus

Orphaned, alone, and pregnant by a man who walked out on her, Desiree Eau Clar is determined to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come in the hopes that they won't know the hardships she's known.
Desiree's Legacy website: Coming soon!
Main storyteller: charisma

Miranda is very much a love story.
Miranda website: Coming soon!
Main storyteller: charisma

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